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Chromium Piccolinate

Chromium Piccolinate

Burn Fat with magic mineral

Losing fat and gaining muscle may be as easy as boosting your intake on one simple mineral, according to a study conducted at a Minnesota University.

The magical mineral is chromium. Over a period of two and a half months, 400mcg of the mineral chromium picolinate per day resulted in an average fat loss of around three kilograms and a muscle gain of 500 grams in a group of 15 individuals.

These results were achieved without exercise, so greater weight loss and muscle gain would be expected by combining chromium picolinate supplementation with fat burning activity.

Importantly, it was the increase in muscle that contributed significantly to the fat loss as greater muscle mass increases the body's fat burning abilities. However, it is not only chromium's ability to help your body burn fat that makes it beneficial when you're trying to shed extra kilos.

The mineral also plays a vital role in how your body metabolises sugar. Chromium activates insulin, the hormone released to the pancreas in response to a rise in blood glucose levels.

The end result is that the blood glucose levels become less prone to fluctuations, therefore reducing the incidence of cravings for sweet foods. The ability of the cells to use glucose is also enhanced by chromium.

Chromium is becoming increasing scarce in out diet, particularly in fruits and vegetables. Supplements of chromium picolinate are available from health food stores and pharmacies with 200mcg-400mcg per day needed for results.

By all indications, chromium picolinate is a safe and effective way of losing fat, boosting muscle mass and taming a sweet tooth.

The best product to purchase so far is the Natures Own #373 Chromium Picolinate 400mcg (50mcg of elemental). This is also the cheapest with 200 tablets for approx $12 at your local chemist.

There are plenty of others selling similar products but they are more expensive and contain less elemental chromium, this product also has very small tablets that are easy to get down.


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