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27 June 2000
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19 January 2009
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Name Cath
Email switchsister@yahoo.com
Birthdate 29/3/65
WebSite n/a
Status Post Op (#2)
Type Lap Band
Location Brisbane
Doctor Dr Fielding - Wesley Hospital
Dietitian Trudy Willaims - Wesley Hospital
Start Weight/Date 126
24 June 1996
Start BMI 41
Current Weight/Date 79
Current BMI 26
Target Weight 74 was reached 28 July 97 prior to problems
Height 173

Reached Goal 28 July 97 Reached Weight 69 Kg Reached BMI 23
Problem Started end of 97 ReBanded March 99 and December 2002
Before you read any further I just want you to know that I have had a fairly rough ride on the weight loss merry go round, however, if I had to do it all over again, I most definitely would. The ultimate thing to remember is that I am still 44 kilos lighter (as at June 2003) than when I started this journey!! Please don’t think that just because a few things went wrong with me, that the same will happen to you. I have quite a few friends who have had plain sailing with the whole journey. You are quite welcome to write to me and I will promise to try and respond in a timely manner.

The band is the best thing I ever did for myself. I know it was an expensive option, but so were the various diets and stuff that I used to try. I got so sick of losing the battle all the time. I heard about the band on TV one night and thought to myself "that's what I need". The band is the tool that helps control what you eat. It isn't the total control but hey it's the best thing I have ever come across, especially as my will power is practically nonexistent.

My journey starts in March of 1996…………..

I first had the band placed in about March of 96. Over the next 12 or so months I had no problems and got to my goal weight. I started out at 126kg and ended on 69kg. My actual goal was 73kg. After I got to my goal I found the weight was really easy to maintain and I was able to eat small but normal meals. You still have to make good food choices but it is not hard to do. And of course chew chew chew.

Port. My port is on the side and has never been a problem to me. I can feel it if I push down into me but it has never stuck out or been a problem (even when I was at goal weight). I know some people have them placed more to the centre but my doctor put mine to the side. To try and give you an idea it is probably in line with my left breast. It cannot be placed too deeply or you would have major hassles with fills. The other thing with the band is that you have to make good food choices as well. It is up to you not to live on ice cream and jelly and custards because they are easy to get down. No matter what, nothing is a complete solution as we still have to modify the diet but hell; it is all worth it in the end.

I was never really worried about the surgery side of things, especially as I had a fantastic surgeon. But since I have been a part of the support group here I have managed to find out that the statistics for mortality with regards to banding is far far less than it is for say something simple like tonsils or appendix removal.

The surgeon here was excellent in that he made sure we had all the tests before the surgery including a check with a psychologist, endocrinologist and a dietician. Since the operation I find it very easy to go along and get fills when I want them. It is a very simple procedure in our surgery and you can be in and out in a couple of minutes. Fills are bulk billed.

A couple of months down the track (after getting to goal) I was playing a lot of vigorous sport and gym work. I was also throwing up occasionally which was my own fault from over eating or trying to eat too fast. In those days, they didn't do the backstitching on the band and it was far easier to displace the band. After a major weekend of doing stuff I realised that something was amiss....I had had a slippage and my stomach prolapsed (meaning it came up through the band and stopped me from drinking and eating). I had surgery and fixed the problem.

I was fine.

A few months later I was over at the islands enjoying a day out when a very drunken man fell overboard from the boat next to us. Being a lifesaver in a previous lifetime (teens) I dived in and pushed him up from the bottom. This guy was a heavyweight (about 130kg) and I had a hernia at the same place as my band. Again I had surgery to fix the problem. After this problems started happening all the time for me and after a few months I figured that the band had to go. I had had another slippage and had to be medically evacuated out of PNG again.

I decided to have the band removed and boy was it the worst decision I ever made. In the next twelve months I managed to put 41 kilos back on. It is a great tool for losing weight but once it's not there we go back to our old bad habits. Now I have got the long road back in front of me to losing again.

I went back to the doctor and asked if I could have another band. He agreed. The second band never really worked properly for me. I had so much scarring from previous surgery that my gullet never quite got it right again. I haven't been able to get an optimum fill after going back and forth many times to get it right. No matter how little we made the fill it was always either to little or too much.

The doctor has been asking me to consider BPD/DS surgery for a number of months and I have been putting it off until I was comfortable with the whole idea.
I know now that he uses the best method and I am really looking forward to having the surgery. I have a surgery date in February 2001 and am really excited that something is finally going to happen again in the weight loss stakes. I figure this is also cheaper as there is no band to pay for separately.

One of the best factors of this whole journey has been finding the support group. I have learnt so much from these people and have come to rely on them. It is a great place to learn and to just have a shoulder to cry on. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ozband/
I suppose once I have had the BPD/DS I will be a font of knowledge from both sides. It will be interesting to know then which I recommend the most. I think it is best you know that things can go wrong so that you can make an informed decision.
September 2001

I had the BPD/DS in February and it has not been the help that it was supposed to be. I have not managed to lose any weight but have some of the side effects that are not so great to live with.

I do know some people who have done well with this procedure but I guess I am one of the unlucky few that it hasn't helped all that much. It has been suggested that I need to have more surgery but at this stage I am not ready to do that.

After having surgery about 6 times now for this weight loss process I am tired of it and need a break.

I will update this story if anything else happens, but for now I am stable and happy to have kept 30 odd kilos off.

October 2002

Time for another update I guess.
I have had an appointment with George to discuss what possibilities are open to me now. We decided that there would be no point in shortening the common channel as this would only exacerbate the side effects I am having already and it would make things almost unbearable.

After much thought on both of our parts we have decided to try another band. There is one person in Sydney who has had a band after a bypass and that person seems to have done okay.

The main concern will be ensuring a suitable intake of protein rich foods. I was offered surgery in November but opted to wait until after Christmas and have the surgery sometime in February.

I am sitting at approximately 95 kilos, so I am maintaining weight quite well. I will update this page again after surgery.

January 2003

Well I have had the third band installed. The surgery was done on Boxing Day and the recovery was very quick considering the surgery was done partially open. I managed to lose about 5 kilos in the first ten days and then have had very little change since and I am sure half of that is fluid loss. I am booked in for a fill on the 13th of February and hopefully this will kick off some further weight loss. It is great to have the gatekeeper back!!

August 2003

Figured it was time to give another update on where I am at. At my last weigh in I clocked in at 82. It is not fantastic but it is great nonetheless (13 kilos). Mind you I haven’t been making the most fantastic food choices all the time either. But all in all I am happy to be a “loser” again. I am planning on my next phase and that is the tummy tuck, hoping to be able to get rid of these spare tyres on the 20th of October.

I love my band!!!

In the meantime I am still going back every so often to have fills and hopefully I will be able to lose a little more over time. I am going to have to work at it this time but hopefully having my wedding next year will be motivation enough to do something.

November 2003

Well the Tummy Tuck has been and gone. It is such a wonderful feeling to be rid of that huge roll of fat above the panty line. I was told that I was to be in hospital from 5 to 7 days after the operation but being me I was out after two days. George allowed me to go home on the proviso that I rested. I have to admit here and now that the pain I expected with this op was unrealistic, maybe I have lost some of my pain threshold but this one “Bloody” hurt. I took all the pain meds and was still taking them after five days.

The wound care is tantamount and I was very careful in this respect. I have heard many stories which state that this op is often dogged by infection afterwards and I did everything I could to avoid this. When I first came out of hospital I had rubber skin across the whole scar and one drain, under the rubber skin were butterfly stitches. The rubber skin was fantastic and very supportive. I was given new drainage bottles and changed these on a daily basis.

5 days after surgery I was allowed to take the rubber skin off (the stitches came off at the same time) and started taping the wound with solugel along the scar to stop it sticking. After 7 days I was back at the surgery to have a check up.

I love the fact that I have a flatter tummy now and am loving being able to wear tops that don’t cover my gut. There is still a big roll of fat under the breast line and I will probably put up with this.

May 2004

Am managing to maintain my weight at around the 78/80 mark. I have been having a great time with food lately and now that the wedding is over I am booked in for a fill. I don’t feel stressed about getting to goal but I will be unhappy to gain weight, so it is best that I do something about while I can.
So all in all that is 46/48 kilos down.
See you soon………

March 2005-03-09

Everything is still going fine. I continue to see the Surgeon every three to four months and am having maintenance fills along the way. I am booked in to the plastic surgeon in May for a removal of that upper roll and then everything is done.
I am still hovering around the 79 mark and am managing to maintain this.
Still love my band.

September 2005
The tummy tuck went really well and I now have a flat stomach for the first time in my life.  Weight is stable at 78 kilos and food is under control.  Life is good!!!

24 June 96
28 July 97

25 July 2000

January 2001
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