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27 June 2000
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19 January 2009
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Name Cheryl Harrington
Email cherylandharry@bigpond.com.au
Age 53
Status Post Op
22 February 2000
Type Lap Band
Location Sydney Australia
Doctor Dr Gallagher - Mater Hospital
Dietitian Metabolism and Obesity Clinic (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney)
Start Weight/Date 150kg
22 February 2000
Start BMI
Current Weight/Date 136kg
11 August 2000
Current BMI
Target Weight 100 - March 2001

Support People: Metabolism and Obesity Clinic (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney), Dr James Gallagher and his Secretary Jenny, Ozband, Bandsters, NZ Lapbanders, Husband Harry, Daughters Cara and Kimberly and Suzanne (who was banded same day as me)

Occupation: Everything - my husband has Acquired Brain Injury and daughter anorexia. Previously PR and officework.

Dr James Gallagher installed my band on 22nd February 2000 at the Mater Hospital, North Sydney. I was 150 kgs. I developed an infection which took 5 or 6 weeks to clear up. My heart went into fibrillation and I was taken to Intensive Care. This came about because the nurse told me I couldnt take my heart medication (Sotalol) on the morning of surgery. The specialist told me this was incorrect advice.

I had open surgery because Dr Gallagher had to reverse a gastric bypass I had 20 years ago at 150 kgs.

I would recommend the AGB over a bypass anytime after having lived with both.

I have had some of the usual problems getting used to the new regime of the AGB - what to eat and what not to eat) but would do it all again tomorrow if I had to. I am so much more positive about my partnership with this band. I'm sure if I do my share it will help but I know the band cant do the job by itself.

I have only had l fill of lml - 2/3 weeks ago. I had lost 14kgs in the first two months when the bomb fell on me about my daughter having anorexia and that threw me into a loop to say the least. She has been in hospital for two months now and I had been making bad food choices and not exercising (falling back into the old routine of comfort eating). I gained 2-3 kilos (cant remember the exact amount) and the people at Metabolism and Obesity advised me not to get filled until I had sorted myself out. Through seeing the dietician again, reading the internet support groups and some counselling, I am remotivated and losing weight again. I have lost the weight I put on and am back to where I was before the bomb fell on me.

I am exercising regularly and enjoying it. Exercise used to be a big problem for me as I have osteo-arthritis in both knees which made walking painful but as part of my commitment to this process I have had a heated pool installed. (I figure I will save the cost of it in food and gym fees - I dont drink or smoke and havent bought any new clothes for 12 months and dont intend to buy any for another 12). Swimming and exercising was a chore at first but I now enjoy feeling stronger and more mobile.

I am having another fill on 14th August so expect then to feel more restricted. I am so proud of myself when I resist a temptation - it is absolutely empowering. This tool is going to help me "get a life".

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