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27 June 2000
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19 January 2009
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Name Michael Barnes (Mikey)
Email mikeyba@hotmail.com
Age 33
Status Post Op
14th September 2001
Type Lap Band
Location Gold Coast
Doctor Dr Les Nathenson - Wesley Hospital - Brisbane
Dietitian Trudy Willaims - Wesley Hospital - Brisbane
Start Weight/Date 160.6
14th September 2001
Start BMI 50
Current Weight/Date

7th October 2002

Current BMI 38
Target Weight 95
Height 179

Well Dear diary..hahaha. I have always been a big lad one of my earlist memories is of walking down the street with my grandfather and the comment being made the I certainly wasn't 'undernourished'. As five year old I didnt really understand this but you get the idea.

I did lose quite a bit of the 'puppy fat' going into high school I was a big boy but not fat in the conventional sense as i was quite active playing basketball and I had a great love of Rugby League which kept me fit. It wasnt until I left school and joined the work force that I really started to pile the weight on. I guess it was the access to money and sitting in an office all day, not much exercise and honestly I guess some emotional baggage as well. You know it felt good to eat.. whenever I got depressed an ice cream or a packet of chips always solved the problem.

Lets skip forward to 2001 I'm going to ignore all the stuff in between the constant diets, attempts at going to the gym, the 10kg losses and the 15 kg gains, the stares on the bus, the sniggers on the train..the constant reminders of my size instead of Hi Michael..but hey there big fella.. all the frustrations and yep.predjudice's which I am sure you all know to well. Lets get positive.

My life needed to change I wasnt happy, I was unhealthy. One day about June 2001 I plucked up the courage to ask my doctor about WLS..oh forgot to mention I had been through the duramine, xenical stages as well. Anyway we spoke about BDP and other surgeries which scared the hell out of me. After a while we came to the Lap Band..hmm interesting. I then got a referall to Dr Les Nathenson at the Wesley in Brissie and I was on my way. I found Ozband about this time (July 2001) and as some of the members can atest to i drove everyone crazy with questions and my fears. I finally had an a date for my OP 14/9/2001.

Since my operation I have never felt better I ahve had a few set backs such as an infected port wound and recently have had to have some tissue removed from around the port area that had become infected due to the blood supply being cut off. Even with all this having the band has changed my life I have now lost nearly 40kg which in itself I find astounding and am on way to my goal of 95Kg (I have not even been close that weight since I was 15 years old) I am over half way there :)

I am doing things I havnt done in years, I ride my bike 15-20 km's per day (to and from work) go to gym at least an hour a day..and the simple things like not having to struggle out of a chair, walking the dog..not being embarrassed to go out to a club, laughing at myself rather than cringing.

For those of you researching or just starting your journey the band does work if you really want it to. The trick is (for me anyway) live the way you want to live, be the person you want to be and have fun doing it. I am that 95kg fit, lean guy.. you are what you believe you are... get it..well go for it!!

see you on the other side of 100..



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